anal sex

Interest in practice is associated not only with anatomy, but also with psychological aspects.

There are many nerve endings in the anus

Anal sex is not only the penetration of a penis into the anus, but also the use of toys, fingers or tongue. Many people enjoy being touched, oral sex, or penetration of the anus, because there are so many sensitive nerve endings concentrated in this area. For some, on the contrary, it makes them uncomfortable. This is also normal, everyone is different.

Men’s feelings are different

The vagina does not have a sphincter like the rectum. Therefore, it may seem to a man that the anus and intestinal walls are more tightly wrapped around the penis. Also, the vagina has a different texture, so it doesn’t feel the same.

Can stimulate the prostate

True, only if the woman interacts with her fingers or a toy. This sometimes causes a stronger orgasm than penis stimulation. And all because around the prostate is a huge number of nerve endings.

Anal sex can be perceived as exotic

Someone anal sex still seems to be something forbidden and unusual, and this always attracts. Moreover, after discussions in popular series such as Sex and the City, he has already taken his place in culture and is no longer considered a perversion.

Anal sex is still associated with something wrong, rare, exotic. But in general, he is quite ordinary even in heterosexual relationships. According to some surveys, more than a third of heterosexual couples have anal sex.

Anal sex feels more intimate and special

Many women note that anal sex seems more intimate to them, because they only do it with certain partners and not all the time, but on special occasions.

Anal sex for someone is associated with dominance

For some men and women, anal sex is associated with complex gender traditions: the male hunter conquers and the female passively submits. Sometimes it happens the other way around, when a partner enjoys not only stimulation, but also a change of roles in a couple.

Can anal sex hurt?

Yes. But about how much, experts  disagree . Someone thinks that the scale of potential problems is exaggerated, someone cites frightening studies.

According to Yevgeny Saprykin, medical risks are often brought to the fore because doctors are constantly faced with unpleasant consequences, but do not explain how to make anal sex safer. And patients are ashamed to ask about it and in the future to seek help in time. This is where the vicious circle comes in.

What can harm anal sex

To have anal sex or not is a personal matter for everyone. But both you and your partners should be aware of all potential risks.

May lead to bleeding from the anus

Anal sex can lead to injury. This practice is one of the reasons for the development of anal fissures. Therefore, you should never rush, not prepare and have sex through pain.

In addition, because of it, hemorrhoids can become aggravated , which will also lead to bleeding.

Increases the risk of getting infections

Penetrative anal sex is more dangerous than other types because of the increased risk of spreading infections. This is due to the fact that the walls of the intestines are thinner than the vagina, they are easier to damage. Therefore, they become more vulnerable to infections. There is also  evidence that prostaglandins from semen can inhibit local immunity, which also increases the risks.

This applies not only to STIs like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, hepatitis B and genital warts, but also to intestinal infections. Read