Why women fantasize about rape and why it has nothing to do with real crimes

The main difference: in the head everything happens by agreement.

Why Women Fantasize About Rape

According to some studies , up to 62% of women have fantasized about rape. It should be borne in mind that the sample is not very representative – specifically, only 355 respondents participated in this survey. However, most of them indulged in such fantasies infrequently, on average about four times a year. But the obvious cannot be denied: women run these scenarios in their heads. And not only in a negative way: only in 9% of cases, thoughts caused disgust. 45% of fantasies were purely erotic, 46% are something at the intersection of erotica and disgust.

Rape fantasies can have several causes.

Avoiding negative emotions

Imagine a woman who was brought up in a strict family. She was told from an early age that sex is sin and filth. And it is difficult for her to completely get rid of children’s attitudes. Even fantasizing about intimacy, she feels guilty and ashamed. The script with violence becomes the way out. After all, all these “shameful” things in her fantasy a woman does under duress, she is not like that. That helps her to relieve herself of part of the responsibility for what is happening.

Follow common scenarios

In romance novels set in the past, there is often a plot in which a dangerous man is so addicted to the main character that he simply cannot resist. And she is modest and decent, sex before marriage can ruin her reputation. Therefore, he has to be overly persistent in order for the book to happen for the sake of which it was actually written.

In fantasy, a woman also sometimes wants to feel so desirable that a person literally cannot stop. And sometimes the script may include someone with whom, in her sober mind, she will never contact. Or, for example, a girl does not plan to cheat on her current partner, even in her head. Compulsion to have sex in this case allows you to “make friends” fantasy and reality.

Trying to let go of control

The female orgasm is a complicated thing, not every sex ends with it. And during intercourse, a partner can worry a lot – for her pleasure, for her partner’s feelings, for her appearance, and so on.

The fantasy of coercion allows her to literally relax and immerse herself in the process. The mental lover does exactly what she needs and how she likes – after all, everything happens in her head.

sexual openness

Research shows that women who enjoy sex and don’t feel anxious or guilty about it often fantasize about rape, among other scenarios. Simply because it is an opportunity to safely scroll through anything in your head.

Violence in the past

This is not a common occurrence, but some people with this experience periodically fantasize about violence. True, not because they like forced sex. It’s more of a way to replay the script and make sure they’re in control this time. That is, in this way they try to take control of all their past experience, where they were completely deprived of it.

Why the rape fantasy has nothing to do with reality

People who try to normalize sexualized violence often use fantasies as an argument that nothing bad is happening. After all, women think about it, and so, the dream becomes a reality.

Why women fantasize about rape and why it has nothing to do with real crimesOf course, this is not true at all. For starters, fantasies about forced sex arise for completely different reasons. For example, based on an old injury. And those who have not had such Read

How to learn to focus on sex

A couple of exercises from a sex educator will help you forget about all your problems for a while.

There are too many distractions in today’s world to focus on anything for long. Even for sex. And because the orgasm slips away time after time. And it’s embarrassing. Elena Galetskaya has been researching human sexuality for more than six years and knows how to learn how to focus on the process, not to let the excitement fade away.

Book Galetskaya “More than sex. How to understand yourself, your partner and find your way to pleasure” was published by Bombora publishing house. Lifehacker publishes an excerpt from the fourth chapter.

Many women complain that it is difficult for them to turn off their heads during sex, or that the excitement turns out to be so unsteady that any extraneous sound – and they don’t want any sex anymore.

This can happen if the excitement is not deep in itself. For example, if you switched to sex before you had time to get excited, or if you do not allow yourself to accelerate, unconsciously pressing on the “brakes”.

Both the inner critic and the habit of “observing from the outside” – spectatoring – can pull out of excitement. We think about how we look, whether orgasm will happen, how long the sex will be. All this is by no means a pleasure.

It is important to be attentive to your feelings and, pardon the tautology, attention.

What you are currently focused on. And at that moment, when thoughts begin to drift somewhere to the side, it is important to catch the focus point and return back to the moment. What matters to us is pleasure in the moment.

Short, clear affirmations help here too. It can be phrases like “I’m here”, “I’m here”, “only sex.” You can try to focus on some part of the partner’s body, if it’s not solo sex . For example, whenever your attention begins to wander, focus on your partner’s shoulder or neck, touch his skin with your fingers. This technique will help you return to the contact of the bodies, in the moment you are in.

Being in the moment is a skill worth cultivating in order to enjoy life more in general. Some people recommend meditating to learn this, but to be honest, I’m not very fond of meditation. I love simple and effective tricks.

One of these techniques is the “Here and Now” exercise, which I received from my psychotherapist at the stage of struggling with a depressive episode. It takes literally 5 minutes a day, and you can do it anywhere: even in the office kitchen, as I did.


Sit with your feet touching the floor and your back supported. The posture should be comfortable and stable. Breathe deeply, straighten your shoulders, relax your stomach. Look at your palms.

Now list 10 things that please you right now, that you feel right now, in the moment, and they give you joy. For example:

  • I have a beautiful sweater;
  • I have a fresh manicure;
  • I smell a pleasant aroma.

When listing, bend your fingers. This gives an additional connection between the process and the body. When finished, take a deep breath.

This exercise trains our ability to be in the moment, in the here and now. When during sex thoughts begin to drift away in a different direction, you can return to the moment with an effort that is already familiar to you.

One of the most effective techniques to help focus on sensations during sex, I call “There”. If you have Read

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anal sex

Interest in practice is associated not only with anatomy, but also with psychological aspects.

There are many nerve endings in the anus

Anal sex is not only the penetration of a penis into the anus, but also the use of toys, fingers or tongue. Many people enjoy being touched, oral sex, or penetration of the anus, because there are so many sensitive nerve endings concentrated in this area. For some, on the contrary, it makes them uncomfortable. This is also normal, everyone is different.

Men’s feelings are different

The vagina does not have a sphincter like the rectum. Therefore, it may seem to a man that the anus and intestinal walls are more tightly wrapped around the penis. Also, the vagina has a different texture, so it doesn’t feel the same.

Can stimulate the prostate

True, only if the woman interacts with her fingers or a toy. This sometimes causes a stronger orgasm than penis stimulation. And all because around the prostate is a huge number of nerve endings.

Anal sex can be perceived as exotic

Someone anal sex still seems to be something forbidden and unusual, and this always attracts. Moreover, after discussions in popular series such as Sex and the City, he has already taken his place in culture and is no longer considered a perversion.

Anal sex is still associated with something wrong, rare, exotic. But in general, he is quite ordinary even in heterosexual relationships. According to some surveys, more than a third of heterosexual couples have anal sex.

Anal sex feels more intimate and special

Many women note that anal sex seems more intimate to them, because they only do it with certain partners and not all the time, but on special occasions.

Anal sex for someone is associated with dominance

For some men and women, anal sex is associated with complex gender traditions: the male hunter conquers and the female passively submits. Sometimes it happens the other way around, when a partner enjoys not only stimulation, but also a change of roles in a couple.

Can anal sex hurt?

Yes. But about how much, experts  disagree . Someone thinks that the scale of potential problems is exaggerated, someone cites frightening studies.

According to Yevgeny Saprykin, medical risks are often brought to the fore because doctors are constantly faced with unpleasant consequences, but do not explain how to make anal sex safer. And patients are ashamed to ask about it and in the future to seek help in time. This is where the vicious circle comes in.

What can harm anal sex

To have anal sex or not is a personal matter for everyone. But both you and your partners should be aware of all potential risks.

May lead to bleeding from the anus

Anal sex can lead to injury. This practice is one of the reasons for the development of anal fissures. Therefore, you should never rush, not prepare and have sex through pain.

In addition, because of it, hemorrhoids can become aggravated , which will also lead to bleeding.

Increases the risk of getting infections

Penetrative anal sex is more dangerous than other types because of the increased risk of spreading infections. This is due to the fact that the walls of the intestines are thinner than the vagina, they are easier to damage. Therefore, they become more vulnerable to infections. There is also  evidence that prostaglandins from semen can inhibit local immunity, which also increases the risks.

This applies not only to STIs like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, hepatitis B and genital warts, but also to intestinal infections. Read

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карбонов пилинг - серкси резултати

Еротични танци по бански са една от онези дейности, които постоянно доставят отлично удовлетворение на мъжа, но наистина малко мъже получават възможност да се насладят на еротичния танц на мадамите по бикини. Повечето пъти мъжете не получават това преживяване поради факта, че или не желаят да ходят в клубове за еротични танци, за да се насладят на танците по бански, или се наблягат на частта от разходите. Е, аз също не обичам да ходя в клубове за чувствени танци, нито обичам да плащам много пари за този танц, но тогава също се наслаждавам на танците по обичайния начин.

За да се насладя на еротичните бикини танци в София, получавам красиви жени чрез евтини секси жени услуги и се забавлявам страхотно с това. Избирам прекрасни красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София за този вид танци, поради факта, че получавам много предимства с тази алтернатива. Говорейки за тези предимства, лекотата на опит е едно от най-добрите предимства, които получавам, когато наемам евтини и прекрасни секси жени като мой еротичен партньор за танци по бикини. Когато ходя в танцови клубове, за да се насладя на сексуалните бикини танци, тогава трябва да отида там и трябва да изпитвам удоволствие от това преживяване сред широката публика.

Красиво младо момичеТова обаче не е проблем в варианта красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София, защото получавам това танцово изживяване в личния живот на моя дом. Това предполага, че получавам фантастично и най-фантастично удоволствие с тях по възможно най-добрия начин и това е един от факторите, които ме мотивират да се обадя на красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София, за да се насладя на сексуални танци по бански. По същия начин, когато накарам банските да танцуват от чувствени красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София в личното пространство на моята къща, тогава те танцуват изключително за мен. Това е още едно нещо, което мога да получа само с красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София, но никога не ми се случва, когато ходя на клубове по танци.

По същия начин цената на еротични бикини танци от красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София е постоянно по-достъпна в сравнение със стандартния вариант. При стандартен избор в крайна сметка плащам много пари за точно същото, но при вариант красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София плащам изключително малка сума за това. Всъщност трябва да предложа само фиксирана сума до красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София за техните услуги. Така че мога да заявя, че разходът е друг елемент, заради който избирам евтини секси жени за танци по сексуални бански, вместо да ходя по стриптийз клубове за това в София.

Що се отнася до методите за получаване на красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София, това е много просто за мен. Използвайки този уебсайт, винаги получавам прекрасни дами с изключителна простота и избирам момиче по мой избор. И ако и вие искате да имате точно същото чувствено изживяване по бански танци в София, тогава вие и също така наемете секси жени, използвайки този бизнес и можете да имате страхотно и най-невероятно удоволствие с тях с изключителна простота и рентабилен начин.

Подобрих и еротичен сексапил с помощта на красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София

Разбирам много мъже, които имат фантастичен сексуален магнетизъм и с помощта на тази примамливост постоянно постигат успех с много сексуални момичета. Въпреки това никога не съм имал успех с красиви и еротични жени в живота си и този провал ме накара да се срещам с красиви жени с карбонов пилинг в София. Тъй като не получавах чувствена дама за моя партньор за срещи редовно и не бях доволен от самотните си уикенди, така че оставих Read