Top Historic Buildings of London

History of London is as old as roman culture and that is why you can find so many historic building in this city. Some of these buildings can be several centuries old and some of them can be there in existence since 1000 years or more. Here, I am sharing details about various historic buildings of London that are popular around the world because of various reasons.

Tower Bridge: Tower bridge is another very old building in the city that is often mistaken with London Bridge. This is one of those historic buildings in this city that adjoin the past with future and that mix the culture with technology. This is possibly the most iconic landmark of this city and it is standing tall on Thames River since 1894. This bascule bridge is comparatively very new among other historic buildings of London, but they designed it in such a way that it can blend well with other architectures easily. And this quality also makes it so unique and special in its category.

Tower Bridge

Tower of London: Tower of London is one of the oldest historic buildings in this city. This building is almost 1000 year old as it is there since 1066 AD. During this time this building served as a royal palace fortress, prison, and many more. Because of all these things, this is one of the most popular historic buildings among all those people that travel to this city for their vacation purpose. They love to visit this palace to get experience the 8 century old history that is there in this system.

Tower of London

Windsor castle: This castle is located in the border of London, but that is not something that makes its one of the most important historic buildings in the world. The most amazing thing about this castle is that it is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the entire world. This is one of those buildings where queen actually live and we can safely say this is weekend residence for queen. So, now you know what the importance of this building is and what is special about it.

Windsor castle

Westminster Abbey: This is one of the most important historic buildings in London and you can understand its importance with this simple fact that, UNESCO declared it a world heritage site. This church is there since 11th century but that is not the only thing that makes it an important place. Along with that it is also a burial ground for some of the most popular and well known people of England and many famous people also got married in this historic church.

Westminster Abbey

Kensington palace: Many people assume Buckingham palace is the only royal residence in London, which is not true. Kensington palace is also a well-known and most amazing royal residence and if you love the royal history, then you should visit this historic building. This is one of those buildings you will be able explore some of the best and fascinating exhibitions and you will be able to explore the place in a really fantastic manner

Kensington palace